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RHS Malvern Spring Festival

RHS Malvern Spring Festival

8 May 2025 – 11 May 2025 –

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RHS Malvern Spring Festival

NEW Festival of Houseplants with Green Rooms Market

In an exciting collaboration with Green Rooms Market, RHS Malvern Spring Festival (9 – 12 May) is proud to unveil a brand-new feature for 2024 – the eagerly awaited Festival of Houseplants. This vibrant addition promises to be a horticultural haven, bringing together some of the country’s finest botanical businesses for an immersive experience like no other.

Indoor oasis in the brand-new Kildare Hall
Step into a world of indoor greenery and contemporary horticultural wonders as the Festival of Houseplants takes over the brand-new Kildare Hall at RHS Malvern Spring Festival. This dedicated space will be a treasure trove of house plant delight, featuring workshops hosted by industry experts, an abundance of shopping opportunities, vibrant botanical displays, and engaging learning experiences.

Make sure you don’t miss the three Giant Houseplant Installations! One of these will be designed and planted with rare, tropical houseplants by Jacob James from Grow Tropical. One will be designed and planted with a cacti & succulents by Hayley Stephens from Mint Plants. The third will be designed and created by Sarah Gerrard-Jones, the Plant Rescuer & Adam Critien, Earth Champion, featuring an indoor planted water feature within

Explore premium quality houseplants
Get ready to explore an array of top-quality independent house plant shops, growers, and innovative botanical designer-makers. The Festival of Houseplants with Green Rooms Market at RHS Malvern Spring Festival is set to showcase the very best in the business, offering visitors access to premium and diverse products. From sought-after specimen plants to beautiful pots, self-watering planters, peat-free growing mediums and grow lights, there will be something for everyone.

See the list of some of the 43 trade stands that will be in this area below:

Curious Cacti
The Aroid Attic
Ottershaw Cacti
The Garden Room
Hotpink Hangers
Cotswold Plant House
Dibleys Nurseries
Rita Botanicals
Oscar & Digby
Dark Orchid 
Between Two Thorns
Green and Grounded

A botanical wonderland
The Festival of Houseplants is not just a marketplace; it’s a botanical wonderland. Explore the diverse range of offerings, from rare and exotic specimens to the latest trends in indoor gardening. Discover the perfect additions to your plant collection, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a novice plant parent.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to dive into the world of houseplants at RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2024. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, looking to expand your collection, or simply want to immerse yourself in the beauty of indoor gardening, the Festival of Houseplants with Green Rooms Market is a must-visit destination for all plant enthusiasts.

Mark your calendars, gather your fellow plant lovers, and join us at RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2024 (9 – 12 May) for an unforgettable celebration of houseplants and horticultural excellence!

Houseplant Social Media Special Guests

Engaging experiences
Immerse yourself in the world of houseplants with interactive experiences designed to captivate and educate.

As the influencer landscape continues to evolve, we’re excited to welcome top indoor plant Instagrammers to join us in this new feature. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to engage with Instagram’s key houseplant influencers, who will be sharing their tried-and-tested tips on cultivating and sustaining a thriving indoor paradise. Here you can gain insights from experts and elevate your indoor gardening skills to new heights.

Experts appearing over the weekend, to help you with everything from how to choose the perfect houseplant for your space to troubleshooting advice for tricky specimens, include:

Jonny Balchandani (The Bearded Plantaholic) – Social media star Jonny has featured on BBC Gardener’s World in his impressive home to indoor jungle conversion. Click here for social media page.

Ben Newell (Worcester Terrariums) – Founder of Worcester Terrariums, Ben is a content creator and influencer with 1.9 million followers captivated by his tiny world creations – terrariums. Click here for social media page.

Mo Bhula (The Botanical Archive) Mo is a keen gardener with a large collection of rare plants. He is passionate about aroids with a particular focus on anthurium. Mo is the board of European Aroid Society and Chelsea medalist. Click here for social media page.

Joe Bagley (The Houseplant Doctor) – Joe is the founder of, a platform for houseplant care tips and troubleshooting common issues. Joe will be running one to one plant clinics that people can bring photos of their plants along and get advice. Click here for social media page.

Tessa, owner of Ladybird Plant Care – organic controls for plant pests, Tessa is a plant pest and biological control expert. Click here for social media page.

Another Plant Swap founders Emma Angold (from Good Growing) & Lisa (from Happy Plant Collector) in conversation with Claire Lowrie, from The Jungle Haven. These three talented horticulturalists will be talking about houseplant care, their events, propagating and swapping plants for free. Click here for Another Plant Swap social media page.

Memo Christodoulou, a passionate houseplant content creator & fun digital storyteller who shares care tips, botanical education & plant quirks on Houseplanty Goodness channel.

Hayley Stephens & Co from Mint Houseplants. Having realised her passion for plants later in life, Hayley left behind a successful IT career to open a little plant shop in the Cotswolds in 2018. This grew and grew, into a full-blown life obsession!

Sarah Gerrard-Jones (The Plant Rescuer) will be giving expert advice on houseplant care and best practices.

Jane Perrone (On The Ledge Podcast) will be hosting a live podcast with RHS Malvern Spring Festival guests and will talk about her book, Legends on the Leaf.

Adam Critien, (Earth Champion) is obsessed with indoor gardening, creating striking terrariums and vivariums. He is fascinated with growing and displaying tropical houseplants in beautifully unusual ways.

Adam Kirkland (View From The Potting Bench) will be doing a live podcast on Saturday from the Festival of Houseplants in Kildare Hall

Talks Timetable

Please click here for the full timetable of talks for Festival of Houseplants with Green Rooms Market

Rolling Workshops, Talks and Demonstrations 

  • Houseplant 101 with Sarah Gerrard-Jones, The Plant Rescuer Thursday – Sunday (free)

We are excited to announce a special feature at the RHS Malvern Show, hosted by Sarah Gerrard-Jones, the renowned Plant Rescuer, Director of Green Rooms Market, and RHS Chelsea Gold Medal winner. Throughout the event Sarah will be leading a Q&A table and joined by other experts, offering practical, interactive demonstrations designed to address all your plant care inquiries, from watering and propagation to light requirements, shade tolerance, and choosing the right fertiliser. There will be repotting, propagating and plant rescuing demos throughout the day. This is an opportunity to enhance your plant care skills, guided by one of the most knowledgeable and passionate experts in the field.

  • Interactive Living Soils with Liquid Gold Leaf, stand 943 Thursday – Sunday (free)

Liquid Gold Leaf is thrilled to present a groundbreaking exhibit at the RHS Malvern Show, featuring a captivating exploration of the hidden universe within living soils. This engaging display is set to revolutionise the way we perceive the foundation of plant health and vitality. Our exhibit, centred around the marvels of the microscopic world, will offer visitors a unique opportunity to delve into the life beneath the surface of soil – from the bustling activity of isopods to the intricate networks of fungi and bacteria. With the aid of microscopes and a stunning 6ft screen, we’ll reveal the unseen heroes that contribute to the health and growth of houseplants and the microscopes and subject matter will be open for all. This interactive demonstration will not only highlight the impact of beneficial microorganisms and their symbiotic relationships with plants but also how Liquid Gold Leaf’s innovative products enhance these natural processes. As we guide visitors through the fascinating world of soil microbiology, our goal is to impart the knowledge that the secret to thriving houseplants lies in the quality of the soil they grow in. At Green Rooms Market we’re passionate about educating plant enthusiasts on the importance of maintaining healthy, living soils and providing them with the tools and insights needed to achieve this.

  • Drop-in Kokedama Workshop with Junglist, stand 907 Thursday – Sunday

Price range £10 – £20 (depending on plant size)

Junglist are excited to bring their kokedama workshop to RHS Malvern’s Festival of Houseplants with Green Rooms Market.

Kokedama is a Japanese technique simply translated as ‘moss ball’. You will have the opportunity to learn the skill of wrapping a plant’s root ball with moss. Along with being given essential advice on which plants work best and how to care for your mossy babies you will, of course, take away your unique creations to hang or display in your home (suitable for ages 10+).

  • Ottershaw Cacti

Stand no. 936

Free workshop on Saturday 11th 12:00 -12.30pm

Succulent Houseplants Survival Guide 101

Repotting, feeding, compost mix, light levels, watering, heat and propagation.

Demonstration & chat with the multi RHS Gold medal award winning team from Ottershaw Cacti‘

  • Pre-book Terrarium Making Workshop with Ben Newell – Worcester Terrariums Friday & Sunday

Under Ben’s expert guidance, you’ll craft a terrarium step-by-step, selecting from a variety of plants that thrive in enclosed environments. All materials are provided and participants will be able to take home their creation and watch their mini ecosystem flourish!

 Spaces are limited, book your space here (£50.00 per person)

Photos credit: Green Rooms Markets

About Green Rooms Market

Green Rooms Market is a one-of-a-kind shopping event that brings together the top houseplants, garden plants, and plant accessory retailers from throughout the country. The markets’ team and carefully curated botanical stalls, workshops, and guest speakers turn nationwide venues into lush indoor jungles for plant enthusiasts to shop, learn, and create.

Green Rooms Market’s ethos has always been ‘community over competition.’ It has established an excellent reputation amongst retailers in the houseplant sector and venues where events have taken place, such as the Turner Contemporary in Margate and Spitalfields Market London.

Green Rooms believes in the need for change within the sector and works with leading organisations, such as the RHS, to help raise awareness of plant waste and to convey positive environmental messages via science-based education.

Green Rooms Market, headed by Sarah Gerrard-Jones @theplantrescuer and the RHS Chelsea gold-winning team, aims to elevate the status of houseplants to bring indoor gardening in line with traditional outdoor gardening.

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