RHS Malvern Spring Festival Green Living Spaces

With more than 37% of the British population living in rented accommodation, we need to become more creative with how we garden.  This new feature will inspire the next generation of horticulturalists, whilst providing practical but beautiful gardens in the process.

The new Green Living Spaces at RHS Malvern Spring Festival aim to inspire generation rent to get gardening and growing.  With two patios, two balconies and one internal living space visitors will take home an abundance of idea they can recreate at home.

Bringing the Outdoors In

This exhibition will show off the latest trends in bringing the outdoors inside. Having no garden at all is not an excuse to not grow plants; even if all you have is a small windowsill you can still grow something.

Balcony Gardening

With 37% of the British population now renting, quite often the only room we have is a small balcony, in an inner city location. Balconies can be a difficult space to design. A great opportunity to discover what can be achieved in such a small space.

Patio Gardening

Those lucky enough to have an outdoor space, will most likely have a small courtyard or patio. Whilst this is incredibly exciting and offers the opportunity to do much, it can still be very tricky for the novice gardener to know how to make the most of it.

Working with the designers in the process is RHS Ambassador, Jamie Butterworth:

Never before has there been a bigger need for gardens and plants, and yet green space and gardens across the country are becoming increasingly smaller.

We need to find new, creative ways to bring plants into our lives. Helping to Green Grey Britain, making everyone's lives more positive, healthier and prosperous.

This new category is a fantastic way of showcasing and encouraging #GenerationRent to get gardening and growing!

Many designers who take their first steps at Malvern go on to become some of the UKs very best garden designers. Chris Beardshaw, Paul Hervey-Brookes and Diarmuid Gavin all showcased their garden design skills first at Malvern before going on to have successful careers.

We are busy selecting gardens for the 2018 festival, we'll be revealing these very soon. 

Best Spa Garden 2017

Designing the garden, we considered each item as a whole and separately. Like every object consisting of molecules, the basic elements of the garden are divided into parts, whilst maintaining their individual functions. The items retain harmony, and get additional aesthetics.

Our garden is the enclosed zone of a spa area in a Russian resort. It is designed for guests to relax in after spa treatments. The enclosed garden allows guests to enjoy nature in a peaceful atmosphere away from other guests. We want to convey the beauty of the hilly landscape at sunrise: a timber panel symbolizes the rising sun, and the curves of the hills influenced the silhouettes of the loungers.

Designer:  Denis Kalashnikov and Ekaterina Bolotova


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