Designer: Laura Ashton-Philips

Sponsor: Ecohab Wildflowers

This garden was inspired by the designer’s family as a space to harvest and celebrate the produce of the orchard and garden. It is a celebration of the sheer joy of being together doing simple tasks such an apple pressing.

The garden will be constructed using recycled and reclaimed materials to reduce the impact on the environment such as reclaimed timber cladding, flagstone paving and saddle stones.

Planting will encompass a selection of native wildflowers and perennials that should be in their prime in May. The plants are a celebration of our native wildflower species.

That have been chosen for their complementary native habitats, all happily growing alongside each other to further the natural, unforced feel of the garden. A combination of whites, pinks and natural foliage will be carefully repeated and combined to look untouched.