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Green Islands

Designers: Lu Wenjuan & Yun Sunmi 

Sponsor: Rok Design

Built By: JG Landscaping

Medal Award:  Bronze

Who is this garden for? 
A public art garden​.

Where is the garden set? 

Who or what is the design inspiration?
The ‘Green Island’ garden draws inspiration from the poem ‘No Man Is An Island’ by John Donne, as well as the natural scenery of Korean islands.

Plant List (subject to change)
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Key Plants
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Further Detail

The central island serves as a powerful representation of the interconnectedness between nature and humanity. Crafted from a blend of mixed-recyclable materials and marine debris, the glacier-shaped sculptures, coupled with the reflective water surface, evoke an almost ethereal atmosphere.

Floating on top of the water’s surface, the iceberg symbolises the appearance of the problem. The submerged portion of the iceberg hiding beneath the water represents the true enormity, creating a visual representation of the depth of the issue.

This design resonates with global environmental concerns, reiterating the idea that no one is an island. It highlights the notion that regardless of our origins, we are all part of a closely knit community with a shared future.


  • The main building materials are obtained through leasing, including stones, bricks, trees, etc. These materials will be returned to the supplier after the festival, which will reduce waste.
  • Many materials included in the design are recycled and will be reused after the Festival.

About the Designers

Lu Wenjuan & Yun Sunmi

Lu Wenjuan & Yun Sunmi’s passion for both art and plants fuels their work in horticulture, where they strive to blend functionality, practicality, and diverse aesthetics from East and West traditions. Their design aims to cultivate a greener, more environmentally friendly space that is conducive to the coexistence of people and the environment.

Through participating in RHS Malvern Spring Festival, Lu Wenjuan & Yun Sunmi seek to demonstrate that as artists, they not only craft spaces that benefit nature and humanity but also assume the responsibility of protecting the environment throughout the artistic creation and design process.

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