Designer: Rhodri Wilson

A garden for a young couple without children. They have returned from their travels to their home sanctuary, a low maintenance garden to relax, The design premise is a paradise garden consisting of all the things they might wish for, warmth, shelter and dry underfoot. A paradise in contrast with the surrounding monocultural wilderness of British farmland.

This garden was designed for an active young couple with no children. It is easily maintained will provide an attractive space for working, relaxing, entertaining and spending as much time in as possible whatever the weather. It aims to offer a peaceful, safe, relaxing space you never want to leave.

The design incorporates a canvas covered shelter using steam bent coppiced ash mimicking those used in Mongolian yurts. The space at the back is planted with flax to symbolize the bland uniformity of British monocultural farmland. In contrast the remainder of the planting resembles a mixed wildflower meadow, loosely planted and colourful a mix including native and wild flowers to provide the best resistance to climate change. Planting is designed to provide maximum impact through Spring right through to Summer.