Designer: Jamie Langlands

The garden is designed for a young couple. A space away from the ‘home office’ to relax and unwind offerings seclusion and privacy, intrigue and relaxation,  and peace and quiet. The design incorporates a secluded, relaxed seating area with structured views in and out of the space. It is set in a rural space with surrounding borrowed landscape of fields and distant trees. A stone wall ‘L’ shape creates intrigue and offers structured views into and out of the space whilst natural materials for the paving work harmoniously with the larger stones and walling.

A spine of evergreen plants provides year-round interest with texture and forms, prolonging the use of the space into winter whilst perennials add subtle splashes of late spring colour and add foliage interest.Highlight colours work loosely with hard landscaping and furniture. The use of water helps to create a tranquil, relaxing space and the focal sculpture draws the eye into the space.