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Working with Nature by Mark Draper

Garden Name: Working with Nature

The garden is designed for a professional person who works partly from home in the rather enviable position of an outdoor office, placed at the end of the garden. Distanced from the main house, the  feeling of “going to work” is evoked, maintaining a distinct and very important separation from work and home life. The office space sits neatly within the landscape, working with the natural environment, showing how you can work in and with nature, benefiting our natural environment and our own mental wellbeing. The garden is intended to create a tranquil space, simple colour palette with dappled shade, the sound of water, also providing habitats for wildlife. The garden uses the natural spring as the inspiration to the area, natural looking rock outcrops, pool and simple paths creating movement through the woodland garden area.

Designer: Mark Draper

Mark Draper has a 2-year General Horticulture Course and spent 3 years studying garden design and construction. Mark has been at Graduate Gardeners Ltd. for 27 years, starting as a site foreman and working his way up to designer/contracts manager and director with an impressive list of garden design awards and accolades at RHS Malvern Spring including 7 Gold (5 Best in Shows) medals, and 1 Silver Gilt and People’s Choice award.

Contractor: Graduate Gardeners Ltd