Billy's Cave by Villaggio Verde


Garden Award: Gold

Designer: Villaggio Verde

Part of a slow pace small-holding in rural Portugal, the goat herder spotted an opportunity within the boundaries of his land. A cave, complete with natural spring alongside an original old Olive tree, part of the character of the area - what could be more perfect as a place to manage and spend time with his goats. The herder has enhanced the cave to offer a cool shelter and place to store some essential equipment. 

The herders wife enjoys gardening and never misses an opportunity to add a plant here and there, over the years adding shrubs, herbs, aromatics and fruit trees, around the goat paddock and the old man's cave.

Five Key Plants in the Garden

  • Punica Granatum
  • Laurus Noblis
  • Olea Europea
  • Yucca Rostrata
  • Geranium