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The Hide Garden by Emily Crowley-Wroe

The Hide Garden is a shipping container garden that explores how gardens can transport us to memory spaces - places we love and feel happy in.

Inspired by my local nature reserve at Greystones Farm in Bourton-on-the-Water, the garden represents a small private piece of nature; a hideaway from a fast-paced world that evokes memories of a special place by the river where the client used to love spending time.

Willow panels at differing heights and a bespoke screen play on the idea of hiding. A modern rustic viewing deck looks out onto a clear shallow pebble pond featuring playful circular stepping decks. Densely layered planting provides the backdrop and recalls the native flora and fauna of place. Upturned logs and a tree sculpture surround a feature tree creating natural sculptures and homes for busy wildlife.

Visuals and animation by @ConceptsConveyed

Designer: Emily Crowley-Wroe

After a career as a publishing marketing professional and raising a family, Emily followed her passion for horticulture and developed her learning of plants by working in plant nurseries.

Emily’s job as a plant assistant at Batsford Aboretum first sparked a desire to pursue garden design. Talking to customers about how to improve their gardens and moving into a new house with gardens that didn't quite work for her, she wanted to learn how to create well designed outside spaces. And so she embarked on a life-changing course at The Cotswold Gardening School ran by the inspirational lecturer and award-winning garden designer Caroline Tatham. From here April House Garden Design was born.

Emily spent 7 years studying and writing about literature (she has a PhD in literature and published articles on contemporary British fiction) but always wanted to be a creator as well as critic.  Combining a love of gardens and storytelling she is interested in exploring the narrative and transformative power of gardens in a new career as a garden designer. As well as being functional, productive and sustainable, gardens have the capability to tell stories in many ways and take us on journeys to other imaginative spaces.

She is drawn to the intimacy and magic of small gardens and sees a growing need and opportunity for creative, sustainable spaces within new housing developments.  With ‘The Hide Garden’ for RHS Malvern, she wants to explore how gardens can transport us to places we love and feel happy in. After the show the aim is to recreate the garden as a Memorial & Reflection Garden at Bourton-on-the-Water Primary School. This garden will be both a place to remember a much-loved teacher and a space for children in crisis to find some quiet and intimacy to express their feelings. 

Sponsor: Batsford Aboretum and Garden Centre