What If by Sebastian Conrad in collaboration with Kate Rees


RHS Medal - Gold

Garden Name: What If 

DesignersSebastian Conrad in collaboration with Kate Rees

Sponsor: Rees Foundation, Trombe, Farmington, Bradfords, Entw9

Contractor: Ballingers of Malvern 

"What if" is themed around creativity within an artists mind.

Three large colourful hand-painted steel sculptures are reaching into the space. As metaphors, they represent the creative thoughts organically evolving into reality linking art and nature together.

An open-air studio represents the physical presence of the artist.

About the Designer

Sebastian is a german Horticulture student with a major in garden design. He is based in the West Midlands and is currently submerged in his third year of studies about plants, garden design and science.

An early fascination for spaces emerged through his childhood imagination that he crafted whilst enjoying the outdoors. Creating a stage-design for a theatre in Germany during an internship further empowered his fascination that led onto education with a background in Art.

At last year's RHS Malvern Spring Festival Sebastian designed his first garden at Malvern under the Green Living Spaces category. For 2019 he is working with the vibrant local artist and painter, Kate Rees, to bring “What if” a contemporary show garden to life.