The Leaf Creative Garden. A Garden of Quiet Contemplation

RHS Medal - Gold

Garden Name: The Leaf Creative: Garden of Quiet Contemplation 

DesignerPeter Dowle

SponsorsSimon Gudgeon (sculptor), Mandarin StoneReady Hedge and Howle Hill Nursery 

ContractorLeaf Creative 

The garden is a calm, contemplative space with a series of viewing points.

The main view is from a glass-fronted building looking out onto a reflective long pool which features a ballerina sculpture dancing on a circular infinity pool at the water rising from the main pool. The garden explores secondary vistas from the side which invites the viewer to explore the garden. Planting is with calm whites, soft colours contrasted with darker greens.

The key focal point is a sculpture by Simon Gudgeon called Athena and is supported by a series of sculpture panels that reflect the finish of the main piece.

About the Designer

Peter Dowle is head Garden Designer and owner of Howle Hill Nursery located near Ross on Wye  and provides design, construction and specimen plants.

Howle Hill Nursery has been supporting RHS Malvern Spring Festival since 2013 and was awarded two Gold Medals and a ‘Best in Show’ for garden design and delivery during this period.

Peter trained at Pershore College of Horticulture but his involvement with all things gardening began long before this. Much of his youth was spent at the Chelsea Flower Show alongside his father Juilan, who was himself a distinguished, Gold medal winning designer.

Alongside the Howle Hill Nursery team, Peter has delivered 11 Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal winning gardens, spanning 20 + years. He also designed and built the ‘L’Occitane Immortelle Garden’ which received Gold Medal in 2013.

Peter is a keen plantsman with a nursery full of interesting and unusual plants. A self-confessed ‘collector and lover of Acers’ his nursery holds a huge collection and range of specimen Japanese Maples. Peter founded acersdirect.com in 2016, an ecommerce website that showcases and sells specimens directly from his nursery.