Mimosa Design: Grace & Dignity Garden by Lucie Giselle Ponsford

RHS Medal - Silver

Garden Name: Mimosa Design: Grace and Dignity Garden

Garden DesignerLucie Giselle Ponsford

The inspiration for this garden comes from the story of an elderly woman combined with the endeavour of other well known women in old age: Rowena Cade (builder of Minack Theatre) and Tasha Tudor (American Author of Mother Goose and other stories).

Both ladies created fabulous gardens and long into their dotage. The designers wants the visitor to feel embolden by the notion of individual endeavour, this is a garden created for and in theory by an industrious, elderly woman.

There are three intersecting circles in the garden with each having different tones and purpose. These represent the lenses of the light colour spectrum.

The visitor looks through a naturalistic wooded glade with seeded Betula trees and creamy lemon flower tones with wild grasses and a mirror pond. This is reflective of textures like wrinkles representing beauty in old age.

If you walk around the garden to the bold bright herbaceous planting of the lower circle fed by a decorative irrigation rill representing the veins of the life source (water) filtering from the clients cottage guttering beyond the back wall. This area is the clients pride a joy plot filled with cultivated, bold and showy blooms.

The path that circumnavigates this circle is intermittently cobbled and has alternative turf and aromatic ground cover. The cobbles represent the dappled light from the sun through an imaginary canopy of a oak sapling at the centre of the three circles.

At the back of the garden there is a Northampton stone wall with a water feature filtering water from the reservoir behind at sporadic intervals. On the main hard standing area surround by hedgerow an oak carved seat can be found in the shape of a dry legume pod.