Greenhance, The Garden in the Egg by Jonas Egger


Garden Award: Gold

Designer: Jonas Egger

The world's first garden inside a large (3.5 m high) kinetic sculpture - an artistic egg made of metal. The egg opens and closes automatically according to a time schedule. The opening of the egg is a performance: there is music, light, fog and water effects. Every time the egg opens, the visitor can feel the inspiration of the moment when a new life is born.

The concept is the contrast: to show the visitors the still rustic egg (in closed position) in the middle of nowhere which suddenly starts to move, then opens up, and turns into a bright and colourful garden.

The inspiration came from the Faberge eggs. 

Five Key Plants in the Garden

  • Heuchera
  • Heucherella
  • Athyrium
  • Astilbe
  • Hosta

About the Designer

Jonas has been working in landscaping business for more than 17 years now, including 8 years of running his own company, Greenhance GmbH, which he founded in 2009.

Jonas specialises in contemporary landscape design, using new concepts and materials and implementing them into green spaces. He is an innovative, modern and practical landscape architect with a broad spectrum of skills and project experience ranging from concept design and project management to realisation of projects.

His company has successfully accomplished more than 60 high-profile projects of various kinds and scale, e.g. private gardens, business parks, terraces, show gardens and green walls in Russia and Europe.

Every year Jonas Egger takes part in the Russian National Landscape Architecture Award competition and in the International Moscow Flower Show. He has been consistently rewarded various prestigious prizes in different categories.

Jonas joins us at RHS Malvern Spring Festival as part of the Moscow Flower Show exchange.