Mind for Wellbeing Borders – Planted with Passion

Forest of Hearts, mentored by RHS Malvern plants expert John Cunningham, are creating four Mind for Wellbeing Borders.

The inspiration for these borders comes from passion for music. A piece of music is like a photograph in your imagination. It evokes passion, love, anger, joy and sorrow. When we close our eyes listening to music we are transformed into an atmosphere of colours, senses and smells.

Forest of Hearts believe in the healing power of nature to bring joy, inspiration and a sense of purpose to everyone. Particularly those experiencing social isolation, loneliness and anxiety.

Gardening can provide a purposeful and relaxing activity which requires care and attention. By working with edible perennial vegetables, herbs, fruit and edible flowers people gain a positive payback for a small investment of time and energy.

Visit our garden of Health and Wellbeing and explore this exciting project which aims to improve the visitors wellbeing.

The borders will be relocated to Stratford upon Avon Hospital to a new community garden for patients, staff and visitors to enjoy. Fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs will be grown in the garden and used in the Wellbeing Hub cafe.