Live Well

What does it mean to live well in the 21st Century? This is the theme that will be explored in the Live Well area, where you can enjoy some peace and tranquillity whilst also learning about the hidden properties of plants.

Health and Wellbeing Garden

At the centre of the Live Well area you’ll find a specially commissioned garden designed by the ‘Queen of Herbs’, Jekka McVicar, illustrated above by Hannah McVicar. This garden brings to life the role that gardens continue to play in our health and wellbeing.

As you enter the garden, via the Cherry Tree Walk, lined by WoodblocX raised beds edged with Lavandula x intermedia Grosso you will be met with a sense of calm. Once at the centre of the garden take a seat surrounded by herbs. All the herbs have been identified not only with their common and botanical name but with their uses in the kitchen and home.

Outside the centre of the garden you will discover a glasshouse, kindly supplied by Hartley Botanic, where many of the herbs and future plants for the garden will be nurtured.

Jekka will also host daily ‘herbal conversations’ in the garden, giving you the opportunity to hear from a true expert in her field.

The garden is in support of Pathways, a day service for adults with learning disabilities and difficulties. Pathways will help to maintain the garden throughout the year and sell produce from the garden at the festival.