Live Well

The benefits of horticulture on health has long been recognised and it’s a theme that naturally crops up across the whole festival.  In the Live Well Zone, however, we shine a spotlight firmly on the role that gardening and gardens play in our health and wellbeing and develop this still further by exploring how mobilising gardening and craft communities can achieve inspiring results. This zone shows off the natural creativity of gardeners and we think you’ll be impressed.

Health and Wellbeing Garden 

Our specially commissioned permanent Health & Wellbeing Garden, designed by Jekka McVicar VMH, was launched at last year’s festival and its journey from concept to delivery was documented on BBC2’s Gardeners’ World. It is an aromatic herb garden, the purpose of which was to create an oasis of peace and tranquillity whilst offering learning on the health properties of the plants. Come and see how it looks a year on and enjoy its restorative powers for yourself.

With thanks to Hartley Botanic for supplying the glasshouse. 

St Michael's Hospice & Hellens Garden Festival 

St Michael’s Hospice and Hellens Garden Festival are two organisations that offer a fine example of a communities working together: Hellens Manor hosts a summer gardening event with profits going to charity, including St Michael’s Hospice in Hereford. Proof once more of how horticulture and health are intrinsically linked.  Both groups come together in Live Well to create a large and striking ‘mandala’ art installation with recycled materials and natural finds. It is designed by Kate Raggett and demonstrates the health and wellbeing benefits of craft based community to work. 

Link Nurseries

Based locally in Powick, Link Nurseries sells plants to the public but is a community focused horticultural centre offering educational and therapeutic services for local people including those recovering from mental ill-health. It is run by Warwickshire College Group and supported by the Bransford Trust and the Friends of Link Nurseries. Come and get ideas from the small raised bed displays created by their Well Bean Garden Club. 


Come back in the new year as we unveil the Sue Ryder knitted garden and the Children's Great Exhibition competition.