The Urban Escape by Sebastian Conrad


Garden Award: Bronze

Designer: Sebastian Conrad

Sponsor: RHS Green Living Spaces, Dining Table supplied by Perch & Parrow 

The Urban Escape is a contemporary sustainable green living space created as a space of rejuvenation and of creative stimulation for an artist, by an artist.

Fluidity between living inside and outside inspired the initial nature of the design.  The idea was to use it as a raw canvas: An extension of living and self-expression: Art and Design going hand in hand to create a personal individual space.

About the Designer

Growing up in Germany with a loving family that lives close to nature and also having graduated in the German equivalent of A-levels with Art as a major, Sebastian´s desire to study nature and its diversity through Horticulture arose. 

Before that Sebastian´s early fascination for spaces emerged through his childhood imaginations and daydreams that he crafted whilst enjoying the outdoors. Creating a stage-design for a theatre in Germany during an internship later on further empowered his fascination.

The connection to the stage and it´s space continued in his experiences in various opera productions of his local theatre whilst being immersed in his artistic education.

With an eye for colour and textures gained through the context of “Art and Theatre” he studied the combinations of nature and florals whilst working part-time in a bespoke artisan flower shop during his education in Germany.

Sebastian was keen to come to the UK to be able to learn from the culture of gardening and cultivation of nature and its space; a rather spontaneous decision that he is glad to have made.

The opportunity to dress the “RHS Malvern Spring Festival” Kitchen Theatre and the Cookery Theatre during the Malvern Autumn Show in 2017 fuelled his passion and encouraged his pursuit to apply for the new RHS Category “Green Living Spaces”. 

Sebastian is currently studying in his second year of the BsC Horticulture course with major in Garden Design in the Midlands.

Stay up to date with Sebastian's progress by following him on Instagram @_sebastianconrad or find out more about his work at sebastianconrad.co.uk