Defiance by Sara Edwards at No. 30 Design Studio

RHS Medal - Gold

Garden Name: Defiance

Designer: Sara Edwards at No. 30 Design Studio

Sponsor: The Pot CompanyPalms Exotics by Michelle and Photowall

Contractor: Design It Landscapes 

This is a London balcony garden, belonging to traveller returning from Brazil who is craving the lush green of the tropics, wishing to escape the harsh realities of inner-city life by indulging their plant obsession.

Inspired by balconies that are overspilling with plants in an otherwise concrete façade; defiant of their location, bringing joy to all who see it.

The exotic feel to the planting is inspired by the designers travels in Brazil, where the garden of modernist landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx made a real impression. The walls of the interior are papered with murals from photos taken there.

The feature block wall, allowing some light to pass through, brings a retro feel to the space and gives a striking architectural backdrop to the planting.

About the Designer

Sara Edwards is an ambitious & dedicated new garden designer having just recently graduated with ‘Distinction’ from the Pickard School of Garden Design in September 2018.

Sara has just launched her new garden design practice called No.30 Design Studio. She offers a complete garden design services for private, residential and commercial clients in the Herefordshire area & beyond.

In 2018 Sara assisted one of her tutors, Kate Savill, during the build of Kate and Tamara Bridge’s RHS Silver medal winning garden for Warner Edwards at Chelsea. The hands-on show garden build experience, together with a recent visit to RHS Malvern ultimately inspired Sara to design her own show garden.

Excited at the prospect, Sara quickly conceived a ‘big idea’ for a Green Living Space garden called ‘Defiance’ and 12 months later this exciting garden it is becoming a reality hopefully an exciting first of Sara’s many future show garden designs.

Prior to becoming a garden designer, Sara has built a successful career in the computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing industry. She graduated in 2003 from the University of Manchester with a First-Class honours degree in 3D furniture Design and Making. For the last 5.5 years, she has worked for a leading oak framed house building company, as a senior designer.

Inspired by redesigning her own garden and the positive reactions from people who saw it, Sara, a self-confessed plantaholic, decided to move her design skills out of houses and into the realm of gardens and landscapes. She hopes this this exciting new venture will combine her passions for design, plants and travel, whilst delivering beautiful outdoor spaces that reflect the client’s needs and lifestyles far beyond what they could have imagined.