Mediterranean Terrace by Gabriella Pill

RHS Medal - Silver-Gilt

Garden Name: Mediterranean Terrace

Designer: Gabriella Pill

This garden is designed for a busy, young-professional couple, typically the type of people who might have a small space that they would like to make the most of in rented accommodation. The living space is low maintenance, but most importantly an enjoyable place to relax and spend time outdoors.

With this brief in mind, this will be a Mediterranean garden. There will be fluidity between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. This is created by using the same potted plants, cushions and rugs in both areas. The same stone is used throughout the space, the walls are rendered and painted white. These design features will serve to unify and harmonise the two spaces.

An increasing amount of the population is now renting and as a result purse strings are tightening, meaning that stay-cations and spending more evenings entertaining at home is becoming increasingly popular. A young professional couple would be seeking relaxation closer to home, why not in their own little slice of Ibiza in their own back garden?