Designer: Karen Tatlow

Sponsor: Cancer Research UK

The Cancer Research UK Legacy Garden is a peaceful and immersive space designed to celebrate people who remember us by leaving a gift in their Will. These gifts are vital to our future progress.

The garden brings the important relationship between science and supporter to life through two halves.

Start your journey into the garden surrounded by colourful planting. This side of the garden represents Cancer Research UK’s legacy supporters who have pledged to leave a gift in their Will. A pergola provides shaded seating for visitors to sit, reflect and view the garden. The seating faces outwards to represent that leaving a gift in your Will is looking out to the future. Patterns of plants used in cancer treatments create the back screen and roof.

Transition to the other side of the garden through a circular moon gate. Set in the ground is an engraved paving circle that represents how gifts left in Wills fuel research and lead the progress to beat cancer. This progress cannot be undone, and the engraving represents the permanence of this.

The research side of the garden is enclosed and shaded. The planting here is predominately white, reflecting the clinical nature of research. Three raised planters formed into a big ‘C’ create a

seating area for visitors to immerse themselves in the planting. The seating looks into the garden and represents how research looks into science to find new ways of treating cancer.

Many of the plants featured in the garden have a connection with cancer. Chemicals from some of the plants in the garden have been tested for their anti-cancer properties. Some have led to drugs that are in use today treating cancer.