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Henchman – Safe Ladders for Uneven Ground

We’re a Wiltshire based team who have been keeping our customers safe at height for over 27 years and a highlight of our year are the RHS shows so we’re very sorry not to see you all.

We created the video above to replicate our commonly asked questions – our best-selling Tripod Platform Ladders are not something everyone has seen so we’re hoping that helps you understand what a huge difference they make to gardening safely at height.

With up to three adjustable legs you can create a flat, stable and safe platform to work from, with wide rungs to keep you comfortable all day while you prune roses, cut back hedges, or harvest apples.

The platform itself allows to you lean into the frame, creating a secure position that allows you to use both hands for your project, feet and shins comfortable and no wobbles! 

You can also use it to rest your tools on so you don’t have to hold everything while you work. 

The clawed feet grip into unstable ground, and the optional rubber shoes allow you to work on delicate patios or indoors. 

You can get free rubber feet when ordering – please add the code #RHSMALVERN

We’ve got fantastic Trust Pilot reviews and our Tripod Platform Ladder has been approved by Good Housekeeping 

Our ladders are used by professional gardeners to reach projects other ladders can’t, and gardeners of all ages who want the safest solution for working at height.

If you’d like help deciding which height or solution is right for you please do get in touch.

Buy online at henchman.co.uk