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Craig House Cacti

Craig House Cacti is an independent nursery specialising in Cacti and other succulent plants run by Stan Griffin and Vicki Newman.

We took over the business thirteen years ago and in that time have achieved over 160 top awards plus Best in Shows at various flower shows including 65 RHS gold medals which includes 9 from the 

RHS Chelsea flower show. We have also won an RHS Innovative Design Award for our display using a modern setting which incorporates our wide range of plants.

We are also known for our bespoke cactus themed outfits and are referred to as The Cactus Couple. Stan is one of the 100 masters of the Black Country along with Ellie Simmonds OBE and Willard Wigan MBE.

Our aim is to encourage and educate others to cultivate successfully this diverse range of plants.

For more information visit craighousecacti