Floral Green

A new area in front of the Floral Marquee will be the Floral Green. Carrying on the Festival feel, it will feature a new bandstand. seating and street food as well as rural crafts.

The new Bloom Theatre, in association with Flowers from the Farm, will be all about sustainability and the growing wave of seasonal planet friendly floristry. It will be a magnet for flower growing and arranging enthusiasts.

The Bloom Theatre will host a range of demonstrations showing off a plethora of sustainable techniques and will champion environmentally conscious British flower growers and florists giving visitors plenty of opportunities to learn and find out more. This area is set to showcase industry professionals who follow this mantra, giving them a platform to share with visitors the ‘grown not flown’ ethos.

The stunning centrepiece of the Bloom Theatre will be an oversized floral crown display of seasonal, British-grown flowers and foliage. Nationally renowned florist Fiona Haser Bizony from the Electric Daisy Flower Farm will design the largest crown, while the smaller coronets surrounding it will be created by local specialists. This not to be missed installation in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee will be a show memory for years to come.